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February 5, 2010

Component rotation…the final stages

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In my last post, I previewed the early stages of my cairo (I was told it’s “cairo” not “Cairo”…) component rotation functionality using the GUI Painter Tools. This post will deal with how it has evolved over the past few weeks. The main evolution of my work has been around the rotation slice that I mentioned in the last post. It has now turned into the Transform slice. Just as the Position slice is the interface to configure your layout, my Transform slice is the interface to configure the TransformWrapper.

A picture of the Transform Slice

The Transform Slice

Since there would be way too much typing to explain it all, if figured I would make my first narrated video.  I have a couple of comments before you watch it. During the video, the component I am playing with has its container’s bounds set to visible. This was to demonstrate how the container’s bounds were changing as I manipulated the transform. The Details slice that is not shown in the video does give the user the option to set border visibility on both the container (border always vertical and horizontal) and/or the component (border moves with the component).

Now that the slice is in good shape, it’s time for some code cleanup and a bit more documentation. I hope to have a bundle ready to publish to the Cincom public store in a couple of weeks.


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