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November 3, 2010

Updates to the CGK coming soon

Filed under: What I am working on — thorgch @ 1:21 pm

 I have gotten a few queries about my lack of updates to the blog and to the CGK, so I figured I would post a quick update. Since the end of summer, I have had to work on another project completely unrelated to my cairo work. Fortunately, that project is coming to an end, so I’ll be back on CGK development soon enough. Shortly after my last post, I added a cairo based ActionButton subclass to the CGK that if fully transformable, supports a Pango label, and can also be “skinned” with your choice of PNG image for on and off.  I am also working on a cairo based progress bar. Like the action button, it will support some Pango labeling and can also be “skinned” with PNG images.

Probably more important however are the refactoring changes to the CairoTransformWrapper. The refactoring on this class was to further abstract the transform instance variable into its own set of transform matrix classes. The current published version has a “one size fits all” transform matrix that performs scale and rotation. Whether you want both or not, you get them. This has some small performance implications but more importantly to me, was that it had a “bounds” implication that was getting in the way of something I wanted to do. I have also improved the invalidation and redrawing process. With this change, there are some significant performance gains when it comes to the damage repair cycle of a CairoTransformWrapper that may have multiple components.

That’s it for now. I hope to have a new version of the CGK published by the end of the month so look for a post from me then.


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