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As you can probably already tell from the name of the blog, my name is Chris and this is my Cairo blog. This “About” page isn’t about me, it’s about why I created the blog in the first place. As I began to work with the Cairo graphics library and VisualWorks, I realized that there were very few samples of what could be achieved with Cairo, let alone with Cairo and VisualWorks together.

My profession is the reason that I use VisualWorks. A challenging technical requirement related to one of my projects was how I became aware of the Cairo library. We couldn’t do what we wanted with the existing framework, but Cairo could. Thankfully, the folks at Cincom had a Smalltalk language binding for the Cairo API that was just what we needed.

Of course, thanks should also go to the people who created the Cairo library in the first place and the many people who continue to develop it. Also, a big thanks to Travis Griggs at Cincom for the work he has done and continues to do on these bindings. IMHO…these bindings have given VisualWorks a whole new life when it comes to 2D graphics. I can only hope Cincom continues to develop and support the package.

My ultimate goal for this blog is to offer people using VisualWorks and Cairo a sample of what can be done with Cairo. Admittedly, I can’t give away all my secrets since I would probably get in trouble with the management, but I will try my best.

I hope you enjoy the blog……



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