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PNG Image Tool How-To


You can find out the background information on this tool here. There is also a video demonstrating its use.


  1. The tool can be found in the CairoUtilityToolsKit package. In there, you will find a class called CairoPNGImageTool.
  2. Select the windowSpec method on the class side and then press the Open button on the Visual tab of the class browser.
    • Alternatly, you can also look for the class side method openInWindow. Evaluate (Do it) the line between the quotes “CairoPNGImageTool openInWindow” to launch the tool.
  3. PNG Image Tool
    The Cairo PNG Image Tool

  4. Load your PNG image by pressing the Load PNG Image From File.
  5. In the Class Name: input field, enter the name of the class where you want to install the image . If your class is part of a namespace, you will need to preceed your class name with the namespace (e.g. myNamespaceName.myClassName).
  6. In the Selector: input field, enter your method name.
  7. Press the Install On Class button to install your image.


  • You may optionally set the opacity level of the image by adjusting the Opacity Level slider. This level will be captured when you install the image into your class.
  • There is a transparency grid that can be enabled to show you the transparent areas of the image. NOTE: this setting is not saved when you install the image into your class.
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